Can I save my home from foreclosure without filing for bankruptcy
 Our Foreclosure Defense Team can map out a legal plan for you to save your home from foreclosure. If the Bank has not file certain legal actions against you, there is a possibility to avoid filing for bankruptcy. Give us a Call and let’s discover what other options you have other than filing for bankruptcy to save your home.

I'm Married can I file bankruptcy without my spouse?
 You do have the right to file bankruptcy as an individual, even if you are married. Yes You can file separately from your spouse. Come in for a Legal Discovery Session and we can find out what assets we can protect and creditors we can include with your individual filing.

Can I qualify for Chapter 7 even if I have a current Job?
 Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy does require you to qualify to get approved, but having a job does not immediately deny your filing. Approval is based on your current income and againts the amount of debt you currently have outstanding. We have the income test that the court requires so that you can find out if you can file for chapter 7

Can I keep a certain credit cards, and file the rest of my debts?
Some filers can keep certain debts, secured or unsecured while filing for bankruptcy. This requires a little more time for us to be able to answer. This is why we give FREE LEGAL Advice and not just a consultation. We want to give you real answers from real attorneys. Come in today it’s free