A Guide To Finding The Best Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney In Upland, CA

Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Upland CA

If you find yourself filing for bankruptcy, you need to be prepared for a complicated and time-consuming process with plenty of room for error.  Fortunately, this can be avoided by hiring a bankruptcy attorney.  Not only will a bankruptcy attorney make the procedure easier, but he or she will help ease any emotional distress you may experience by dealing with each step of the case.

Sadly, finding the ideal attorney can be quite a complex procedure in itself.  It may seem simple, but the number of scam artists acting as efficient attorneys makes it a complicated issue.  So, if you are considering filing for bankruptcy it is recommended that you take certain considerations into account.  This article will act as a guide to finding the best Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer Upland CA.

1. Consider The Reputation

The first point to consider is the reputation of the attorney.  A reputation is associated with the attorney’s quality of service and can be determined by reading client testimonials.  If the testimonials are positive, they will indicate a high quality service; however, if the testimonials are negative they will indicate a poor service which should be avoided.

Unfortunately, the official testimonials on company websites are not always honest and can be fraudulent.  This is particularly true in cases where scam artists are acting as bankruptcy attorneys.  A false testimonial often misrepresents the professional and can result in a client hiring a poor quality lawyer.  To avoid making a poor decision, it is recommended that you peruse reviews on third-party websites in conjunction with official testimonials.


The Cost Of The Service

Many chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys operate on a “no win, no pay” approach, but this is not always the case.  To ensure you are not hiring a service that is unaffordable, it is recommended you discuss the cost of the service during an initial consultation.  It is also recommended that you draft a budget beforehand to determine whether or not the service is affordable, particularly in a case where you have previous debt.

Another consideration that should be made and involves cost is the personalization of the service.  An effective bankruptcy attorney will recognise that each case is unique and offer a customized representation.  This should include the negotiation of rates and the ability to organize a payment plan if required.

chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney

3. The Level Of Experience

Experience is an important factor that needs to be considered when choosing the ideal bankruptcy attorney.  It is common knowledge that experience attorneys will have greater knowledge and competency in their field.  This is due to having completed more cases with unique aspects; therefore, learning the different techniques to win a case.  To determine the attorney’s level of experience, it is recommended that you review the professional’s portfolio.

4. Bankruptcy Specialization

While chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers can offer representation to clients filing for bankruptcy, it is highly recommended that you opt for an attorney who specializes in bankruptcy law.  Professional attorneys specializing in this area will have the correct knowledge and skills to deal with issues in areas that a ‘generic’ lawyer may not have.

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